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Finding the Best Auto Repair Shop in Sterling Heights

Taking your car in for an auto repair can, at times, involve just as much research as buying it did. It is very important to ensure you have the right mechanic working on your car, and that they are using the right parts and charging the right price. Not all of us are automobile engineers who know exactly what goes where, in fact most of us aren’t. So, it is important to find the right auto repair in Troy and at the same time, it is also important that you make yourself aware of at least the basics of your car; a little knowledge makes your mechanic take you more seriously. Here are some of the crucial tips that will go a long way in ensuring you receive quality service when it comes to auto repair.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

An owner’s manual is the ignored bible of your car. Most people seldom turn a page of their car’s owner’s manual, simply due to its size and perceived complexity. Surprisingly enough though, it is both simple and extremely useful when it comes to understanding your car. You can often avoid half the problems simply by knowing the right controls as elucidated in the manual.

Choose the Right Mechanic

When it comes to car technicians, there are two major choices. You can visit your dealership and meet the manufactures appointed technicians there. These people are usually highly trained, specifically on your make of car, making them the most suitable people for auto repair in Sterling Heights. However, these can also be very expensive and that can be the single most potent reason nudging you to try the corner garage mechanic. However, it is important to understand that these mechanics can often be really good at what they do. Often, these corner garage technicians are people who worked at dealerships and branched out to have their own garage. So, ask the right questions and if they turn out to be well experienced and confident, you may very well opt for the corner garage technician for great service at good prices.

Look for A.S.E. Certification

Awarded by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence, the A.S.E. Certification involves a written exam and a minimum 2 years of experience in auto repair. Technicians with this certification may be a tad more expensive, but the services received will go a long way in improving your car’s performance and longevity.

Insist on OEM Parts

If any parts need to be replaced, make sure your technician is using Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. These are vital to optimum performance and are every bit worth the marginally higher cost. Using generic parts may save money at first, but will only keep you coming back to the garage. Also, less reliable parts are a potent threat to the safety of you and your family when on the road.

Taking care of the aforementioned guidelines will always ensure that you receive quality car repair in Sterling Heights, MI, and keep your car performing better, longer.

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